Do you have references and testimonials from previous clients?
Yes, See our Testimonials page.


Why should I engage an Architect when it is often cheaper to get a Building Designer to draw some plans or a Project Manager to lead my project?
The vocation of being an architect is more than drawing plans and project management. An architect not only considers the best interests of their client, but also the best interests of a community and society as a whole when undertaking creative enterprises. Architecture is a dynamic and demanding profession that makes a positive contribution to shaping our built environment and ourculture. The essential skill of an architect is the ability to enhance human living and working environments.


Do your key personnel undertake continuing education and professional development courses?
Yes. NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct requires architects to undertake continuing professional development. The minimum commitment is 20 hours per year in order to maintain and improve the skills and knowledge necessary for the provision of the architectural services that the architect normally provides.


Do you work with 3D computer aided design software?
Yes we do. We find the greatest benefit with using the latest 3D software is that clients are able to easily see how their design brief has been interpreted and mirrored back to them in a form that most people can relate to. For some, it is very difficult to comprehend conventional two dimensional plans and drawings. 3D representations are the best way for your architect to communicate how he has interpreted the brief and what physical form their disgn solution will take.


Do you maintain Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance?
Yes. One of the requirements for registration with the NSW Architects Registration Board is that PI insurance be taken out.