We listen to you and collaborate with you.

3D Exploration and navigation

We use the world’s leading 3D building information modeling software to ‘construct’ a virtual 3D model of your project. By using this software to model your building, and by utilizing a free viewing application for your smart phone, tablet or desktop – BIMx, you can navigate through and explore your virtual building in an interactive way at your own pace and convenience. BIMx provides real-time 3D navigation through the virtual building. It can present sun-studies, fly-through mode and realistic surface finishes.

This software makes it easier for our clients to consider design choices during the preliminary planning stages and how these might affect a project in the long run. It illustrates important design features to facilitate easier communication of these with the project builder. It allows us to collaborate closely with clients and explore and assess the merits of different planning and design options on their project in the early stages of a design.


We promote intelligent design principles.

Environmental Sustainability

One of our major aims in all projects, whether they be new buildings or alterations and additions, is to maximize the energy efficiency of the building when planning and locating spaces and when recommending construction methods and materials to be used. We endeavor to be a good ecological citizen, constantly promoting relevant and viable sustainability practices into all our designs. Energy efficient concepts incorporated into a building design from early on have the potential to pay for themselves over and over during the lifecycle of a completed building.

Livable Housing Design

We promote ‘livable housing’ design elements when designing residential home projects. ‘Livable housing’ is the term that describes new thinking in the evolution of Australian housing design. It enables more versatile and adaptable housing that is better able to meet the changing needs of occupants over the different stages of their lives. A ‘livable’ home is one that is designed and built to meet the changing needs of the occupants over a lifetime. It is;

  • Easy to access and enter,
  • Easy to navigate within and around,
  • Capable of easy and cost effective adaptation, and
  • Contributes to comfort, safety and ease of movement.

Accessibility in the built environment

Our population is made up of a diverse range of people, all with their own unique access requirements. Our access requirements increase significantly with age, as we try to remain independent. Consequently, we promote the principles of universal accessibility where possible, meaning that all environments should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. Everybody is different and there is no ‘average’ person. Universal accessibility will benefit all, because people with disabilities, people of small or tall stature, parents with buggies, delivery persons and so forth will have greater access to the built environment. Creating built environments and facilities that are accessible to all is a right protected by law in Australia. It is an indispensable pre-requisite for social inclusion, focusing on equal opportunity and diversity. Accessibility to the built environment affects a large number of people within society in their day-to-day normal life, concerning their safety and physical, mental and social well being.

Creativity, Experience and Functionality

We also bring our creative thinking, our experience and our attention to detail and functional performance, to underpin all the services we provide.

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