Project and Site Description

Lilier Lodge is a home away from home for country people affected by cancer and their carers. It was built by Can Assist and Cancer Council NSW with the support of regional communities, and is operated by Can Assist. Lilier Lodge accommodates 40 guests and offers special support during a very stressful period. The Lodge also provides a drop-in service for country people who travel daily for treatment. Lilier Lodge offers self catering, home style bed and breakfast accommodation.

Design Proposal Description

The design should impart a friendly and inviting environment. A non-institutional, safe and supportive environment needs to be promoted. Whilst the aim should be to keep the scale of the building ‘domestic’, care should be taken to ensure practical considerations are addressed, including the need for ease of movement and the avoidance of congestion. The appropriate use of ‘private’ and ‘communal’ spaces also needs to be considered.

Project Team

Project Manager: Award Project Managers & Building Consultants

Architect: Mark G Golden & Associates

Structural & Civil Engineer: Xeros Kendall

Electrical Engineer: Toni Mury & Associates

Hydraulic Engineer: LHO Group

Mechanical Engineer: Building Services Group

Building Contractor: N W Bland & Sons Pty Ltd

Landscape Architect: Tract